Model LD1450

elevator equipped with an antifreeze operating chamber (Deicer) LD1450

Installed equipment:

 Storage tanks for hot water and antifreeze made of insulated stainless steel with a capacity of 7000 liters (according to the type of Vehicle)

 Diaphgram pumps specific to Deice operation

 Separate diesel engine

 Heater with a capacity of 500,000 kilocalories per hour with the ability to heat water up to +82 degrees.

 Intercom system (speaker communication) inside the vehicle and operation cabin

 Hydrostatic  Self drive system

 De-icing hoist  and anti-freeze liquid transfer system from the bottom to the nozzle in front of the cabin

 Collecting hose reel under the chassis with a special nozzle, to perform Deice operation from the ground level

 DC motor pump for use in case of emergency

 Corrosion-resistant stainless steel piping and fittings

 Special nozzle in the basket (monitor and special electric nozzle in models equipped with cabin)

* Installed equipment on the operator's cabin:

 Spotlight for working at night

 Special monitor for Deice operation with electric steering capability

 Ergonomic chair

 control  joysticks to arial platform and nozzle

 Heater

 Display to provide information required by the operator

 Equipped with wipers on the front and sides of the cabin

* Attachments that can be installed:

 Filling system to fill the machine's tanks from underground tanks

 Intelligent and automatic mixing system of hot water and antifreeze


 Central lubrication system

 Collision prevention sensors

 Wireless headset

 Fire extinguishing system installed on the machine

Technical Specifications

  • Max. Working Height
    16.2   m
  • Max. Working Outreach
    12.1   m
  • حداکثر ارتفاع تا کف کابین
    14.5   متر
  • حداکثر ظرفیت کابین
    200 (130)   کیلوگرم
  • زاویه دوران کابین
    45   درجه
  • زاویه دوران نازل پاشش سیال
    90 degrees to the left, right and up and 45 degrees to the bottom   درجه
  • زاویه دوران بوم اصلی
    from zero to 75 degrees   درجه
  • زاویه دوران بالابر
    360 degrees (±180 ˚)   درجه
  • حداکثر سرعت حرکت خودرو در هنگام عملیات
    is 6 km per hour (through the hydrostatic vehicle system, separate from the vehicle movement system)   کیلومتر بر ساعت
  • خودروی حامل
    Vehicle with G.V.W 19 ton