Model LT 80

Line Truck

Technical Specifications

  • Max. Lift Capacity at a Radius of 3 m
    8000   kg
  • Max. Working Height
    17.5   m
  • Boom elevation angles
    -20 to +80   ˚
  • Slewing Angle
    360 Continues   ˚
  • Insulation Voltage
    46 kV AC   KV AC
  • Stabilizers
  • Min. Installation
    18   t G.V.W
  • Control Panels
    Control panel inside the basket and beside the turret  
  • Equipments On the Device
    Drill, hydraulically tilting pole guide, fiberglass basket and insulated boom for work at 46kV hotline; inside basket liner; rope winch  
  • Accessories
    Remote control system, Metal 3rd boom, 700-mm mini booster inside the basket, drills in various diameters, Wheel chock, A2B system  
  • Reference Standard
    ANSI A10.31-2006