Lajvar industrial group along with its three subsidiaries, Lajvar, Lajvar Hydraulic & Lajvar Arman, has had an active role in Iran's industry since 1985.

Lajvar Company as one of the subdivisions of the Group is the only Iranian company holding the international standard ISO9001:2015 for designing and manufacturing hydraulic aerial work platforms and truck mounted cranes. It also has achieved  certificates of quality  from Institute of Standards and Industrial research of Iran. The engineering and designing department of the company follows the latest international, European, and American standards including: ISO, DIN, BS and ANSI. In this regard, the latest scientific methods accepteds, such as Finite Element Method, are used throughout the designing processes using various software applications such as Ansys to analyze and calculate the strength of machine components and Inventor & Mecanicaldesktop to draw maps and design components and Workingmodel are used to dynamically simulate the mechanisms. Also, the quality control department of the company strictly controls all the procedures and materials. Customer orientation, strict quality control tests, utilization of the most advanced engineering tools for designing and manufacturing, using the best quality material, following standards and safety rules, training the operators, and fast and on time after sales services have  helped Lajvar to be the leading company in the fields of oil, construction, installation, agriculture, and rescue.
Lajvar Hydraulic Co.
Manufacturing hydraulic cylinders in Lajvar Company dates back to 1983, when these products were only made to be used in its own aerial work platforms. Gradually as the demand increased, another company was founded under the brand name of Lajvar Hydraulic Company to design and manufacture different types of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders to cope with various work pressures and temperatures. At present ,Lajvar Hydraulic is the leading manufacturer of hydraulic, pneumatic and powerpack cylinders in Iran. Its products are guaranteed for one year with 10 years of after sales service.
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Lajvar Arman:
In 2016, in order to develop its international and commercial activities Lajvar established an international trading company called Lajvar Arman, currently operating as its exclusive sales and after-sales services agent. In this regard, Lajvar Arman, too, has started its central after sales services in Tehran Province so that it can provide fast and high quality services to its customers.
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